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Try Your Luck with Roulette Game Live 2022

Roulette by Sbotop India is now ready to roll. Enjoy this great game in HD video streaming with professional live dealers—one of the most visited games not only from land-based casinos but also in online casino sites. Roulette Sbotop is very popular with all casino lovers for its simple and easy-to-play rules; never be out of the game. This game is perfect for newbies. Join now and try your luck with this classic game offer by Sbotop India. Click on the link below to access the official website.

Try Your Luck with Roulette Game Live 2021 - Sbotop Sexy Gaming

Try Your Luck with Roulette Game Live 2022 – Sbotop Sexy Gaming

A short history, this popular game is named after a French word with the meaning of “Little or Small Wheel.” Playing Roulette Online Game is the same as playing in land-based casinos. The main goal of the guess what winning number falls onto the wheel. You can choose different types of bets such as Straight or a Single Number, Groupings of Numbers, Color Red or Black, Odd or Even numbers, and numbers from 19-36 or 1-18 (high or low). Check more details below about Roulette Game Live gaming basics.

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Sbotop Roulette – The Basic

As mention above, the Roulette Online Game is so easy to play. This game offered by Sbotop features a realistic casino gaming experience. Equipped with the newest table technology that is viewed in high definition live video streaming. The game is so simple, to determine the winning number, the dealer will spin a wheel in one direction; after that, the ball spins in the opposite direction running from the outer edge of the circular track. After the ball loses its momentum, it will fall to any of the numbers in the wheel.

Sbotop Roulette - The Basic - American and European

Sbotop Roulette – The Basic – American and European

Roulette by Sbotop offers game types such as American and European-Roulette. European style has a single zero (0) while American Style has double zero (00).  Start betting now; guess whats the next winning number and win base on the ratio per bet type you’re made. Join the club of successful casino lovers in India. Click the link below and get started!

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The Roulette Betting Types

Join now and with Sbotop professional live dealers. Check below bet types for your to familiarize yourself before playing Roulette Game Live:

Inside Bets

  • Straight or Single – this is a single number bet
  • Split –  a bet on two horizontally or vertically adjacent numbers. An example is 7-10 or 5- 6
  • Street – a bet in a horizontal line on three consecutive number such as 1-2-3 or 7-8-9
  • Corner or Square – betting on four numbers at once. Best examples are 10-11-13-14 or 29-30-32-33
  • Six Line or Double Street – similar to Street, but it makes six consecutive numbers, forming two lines. Example is 25-26-27-28-29-30
  • Trio – it involves at least one zero. It can be 0-1-2 for both layouts, 0-2-3 for European, and 00-2-3 for American Style only.
  • First Four – this is a bet on number 0-1-2-3 for European Style or Single-Zero only
  • Basket – Similar to First Four, but this is for Double-Zero layout or the American Style, numbers will be 0-00-1-2-3
The Roulette Betting Types

The Roulette Betting Types

Aside from the above betting types, in Roulette Games Online, you can also choose to be on a bet outside. Check below for more details. This typically has smaller payouts or winnings. Take note that you lose your outside bets once zero comes up.

Outside Bets

  • Low or High – this is a bet on a certain range from 1 to 18 or from 19to 36
  • Red or Black – from the name itself, this bet is base on the chosen color
  • Even or Odd – choose your number type, whether odd or even
  • Dozen Bet – in this bet, you can bet from the first (1 to 12), second (13 to 24), or third dozen (25-36).
  • Column Bet – a vertical bet in 12 numbers, such as from 1-4-7-10 down to 34. Below the final number in sequence, the chip will be place

Visit the official website today for complete details on how to play Roulette Sbotop. Follow and bookmark this Blog Sbotop to keep updated on the newest products offering, tips, and news.

Conclusion with Roulette Online Game

Sbotop Roulette Games Online offers a realistic casino gaming experience. Enjoy high-definition video streaming while playing your favorite casino game. Other casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger are also available to enjoy. Register now to Sbotop by clicking the button below and start playing the top-rated game Roulette!